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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ or chi can be said as a new RPG from Square Enix which is specifically dedicated for the iOS and Android users

kingdom hearts unchained walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to guide your character then go through the worlds with your keyblade while casting various special attacks to defeat the enemies there.

Early on the game, you will get to complete each quest that comes along with three objectives
Completing one and two quests will earn you avatar coins which will be handy to improve your hero
If you can accomplish the last of the objectives, you will get crafting materials

Plus, you can use your avatar coins on different kinds of clothes which can increase your character’s stats, and make them stronger.

During in the starting levels, you will seek out and destroy the heartless there
At that moment, always keep your eyes open up on sparkles lying around
Be sure to run over them to get crafting materials to power up your various keyblades

Every medals in the game comes with its own type which you must learn.
Power is indicated in red which is strong against speed.
Speed is indicated in green which is strong against magic.
Magic is indicated in blue which is strong against power.

If you can use an effective type of those elements to fight against the right enemies, it will result in a big damage increase to them
For such reasons, always consider to bring medals built around the heartless you are dealing with

On the other side, you can then group up with friends and share medals with them
Besides, you can also collect, upgrade and evolve your medals, and party to deal with any enemies standing in your path

Later on, you will have to deal with non-boss characters, where you can use the multi-target attack to complete battles fast.

But, when getting involved in a tougher battle, you can use the element system and target whichever Heartless in a flashing icon, since they are weak against your recent medal.

In the mean time, when fighting against the enemies, or the final Heartless of the level, you can see that their tag are glowing in red.
Thus, always remember to defeat them in one turn to complete a quest.

When battling with the heartless in a battlefield, you must beat them all which will result in a 1-turn triumph.
If you can do so well, you will get bonus lux and special orbs, which will give you one full bar of your special gauge.

You can get these triumphs with the right type of medals
Also, you must learn when to group attack and single attack, and use special abilities.
If you use group attacking, it will hit all heartless in the battle at reduced power
Using single hitting will do normal damage to enemies.
You can also use the special abilities to when dealing with them

For further, be sure to save your special attacks for the enemies you are targeting, and use them to aim at the enemies directly with some various attacks to beat it within the first turn so that you can complete the one-turn quest.

Every time, you complete the quests, you will gain experience points
To get experience points, you can replay the level, where you can get all three Mickeys or you can simply grind for items and medals.

You can grab these medals from the quests completion
At this point, just look under the Special category to find accessible dungeons during certain days.
You can find the Evolve Medals and Starlight Materials quests which are open at that moment.

Moreover, you will also have a chance to find evolution medals in the first quest and collect materials which will be useful to upgrade the Starlight keyblade in the second quest.

Once getting the medals, you can upgrade them in two different ways.
You can upgrade them with unused medals to power up them you are currently using.
Then, you can evolve medals by adding one star of rarity to them.
Here, make sure to use a specific set of sacrifice medals to make the evolution of them
When doing so, the set will differ based upon on which medal you want to upgrade.

In accordance with this, you may get the triple ducks namely Huey, Dewey, and Louie which you can level them up with favorite medals
Leveling them up will give you a bunch of experience

Huey is power
Louie is speed
Dewey is magic

Except getting experience points, you can also get special items, or specific items such as jewels, mythril etc in a big amount

In line with this, just play the special quests and the story quests to get them
According to this, playing in different special quests will come up daily
So, make sure to check them regularly to see what you can complete there.


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