Jenga Codes to Unlock New Levels in Angry Birds Go iPhone

Angry Birds Go! is the previous series of the recent angry birds franchise that is popular right now, Angry Birds Transformers

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This game can be categorized into the kart-racing game similar to Mario Kart played in the Nintendo platforms.

On the other side, similar to the recent game that is Angry Birds Transformers, you will be able to play in Jenga levels by entering code wrapped in Angry Birds Jenga set

After playing this game for a while, you will meet Jenga levels
Here, you can unlock the Jenga levels in the game, that grants you a special pirate-themed level that brings back memories of the classic Angry Birds play.

In line with this, you can try to unlock them within the game.
When doing this activity, you will be prompted to spend two dollars, or the equivalent in your country.
Then, purchasing the level will get you to play it right away.

In order to unlock Jenga levels, you can enter the code that came in your Angry Birds Jenga set.
At this point, make sure to purchase one in order to get that code, in which the codes are all single use only, so you will not be able to borrow from a friend.

Anyway, playing in this level will get you to race down a ramp and try to jump off at just the right angle, as well as hitting pigs and hitting the structures that they stand on, then you have to try to knock them down.

In addition, if you want to get that code for free you are able to try using an iTunes gift card in the IAP store
Or, you can use a gift card at any store containing the right Jenga sets.


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