Jades Cheats in Bruce Lee Enter the Game iPhone

Hibernum Creations has successfully brought martial arts game on mobile presenting Bruce Lee as the legend of martial art where you have to complete all stages with a three star rating.

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Along the game, you will fight against some villains whereby you will have to learn the counter mechanism and use it to your own advantage
When seeing an arrow above an enemy’s head, just swipe in that direction in order to perform the counter move
Performing this action will not only stop the enemy from attacking, but it also makes him dizzy for a while.
On the other words, counters are your key to get your victory

When fighting against enemies, try to avoid attacks as fast as possible
For some reason, you will not get a counter move in time and an enemy is about to attack you, in which you will be easy to avoid it by simply tapping a side of the screen to move away from the incoming attack.
Here, you will be behind the enemy with your quick dash then attack from the back until you completely beat him.

During the fight, you can use any type of attack, so just swipe in the way you want.
Anyways, you should use a power attack instead or one in the area they are not blocking or you can use it when you want to trigger a counter attack.

Later on, you must focus on upgrade Bruce Lee’s skills in order to power him up.
At this point, you can upgrade the skills in the following order: Power, Vitality and Fury.
On the other side, you will be prompted to buy the Casual clothes that is important to work on it early on, so that you will get a nice boost to the Fury meter.
At the same time, try to find a balance between your skills and new outfits and weapons
In line with this, you can only wear one outfit at a time, so your skills will be the most important element and need to max out.

Health is the main energy that you will need each time you battle with enemies
So, when you run out of lives, you can do the time lapse trick to regenerate your health instantly
Firstly, just quit the game and swipe it out from the cache too
Secondly, go to your phone`s settings and set the time forward by 4 hours then restart the game.
Now, you will have a new set of lives waiting there

Besides hearts, you will be assigned to gather up coins as much as possible
For such reasons, replaying previous levels will also earn you extra coins to invest in skills or new items.
According to this, just select a level that you have beaten and keep on playing it until you can upgrade your character.
Then, after upgrading your character, you will have better skills.


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