Jade Cheats in Panda Pandamonium iPhone

Big Fish Games in associated with Panda Pandamonium presents a new matching game, where you have to rescue the Pandas in every stage, that you can do by matching something on the screes until you open spaces next to them.

panda pandamonium strategy guides

On the other words, your main objective is to finish each stage with the smallest amount of moves that you will do along the game.
Next, if you do with more moves when you finish the stage, you will get higher point in total
Here, if you can finish the stage with more points, you will have more stars in each stage.
And, if you log the game into Facebook and play against your friends, you will be more bragging rights as well.

At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with only three maximum lives to start your first move in this game.
Then, every time you beat a stage with only one star, you will be able to keep all of your lives
However, if you lose on a stage, you will lose one of your lives.
At this point, energy is the vital element to make your moves so if you run out your energy you must get it back at all cost
Usually, you can get free energy refill by logging the game onto Facebook, but you only get this bonus once so wait until your energy is empty.

Once connecting this game into facebook, you can ask your friends for energy
And, they will be able to ask you for energy, so you can send energy back and forth as often as possible.
On the other side, you are able to spend Jade to refill your energy
Anyway, the better use of Jade is to get one extra maximum energy with just 400 jade, to expand it to 4 for further.

Then, if you do not finish all of the quests in one stage, you can go back and finish them later.
In line with this, you can do them either one at a time or all at once
Alongside, you will not need to have any specific score for any quests unless the quests actually involve the score itself, like finishing with a score of at least 200,000 points.

In addition, in order to great effect across the board, you can combine the various special pieces
Then, you will be able to use them to knock off a ton of pieces at once.
As an illustration, if you can combine one horizontal and one vertical piece, you will be able to knock out a horizontal and vertical row
Next, you can also combine them with other special pieces so that you can knock out the entire board with ease.


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