Iridium to Upgrade Drones in Anno 2205 Asteroid Miner iPhone

If you are a fan of a matching three game, Ubisoft and Blue Byte has just launched their newest game in similar genre called Anno 2205 Asteroid Miner that you can play on the ios and android devices

anno 2205 asteroid miner walkthrough ios android

Specially, this game is made in a sci-fi theme and it presents an interesting game that will not bring too much to the table in terms of innovations

All you will do is to try completing all stages and mine all the asteroids in the galaxy.
To do this, you should go for the longest possible matches of the elements as you will get big bonuses by doing this

Having longer matches will extremely be useful when you have to destroy the asteroids or gather up a specific number of elements.

For such reasons, always plan your strategy and try creating the longest possible matches then anticipate the board changes after shorter matches to make longer ones afterwards.

When trying to make long matches, you can try to ignore one type of elements for a couple of matches
In line with this, it will allow for that type of element to fill the board and make it a lot easier to create a super-lengthy match

Besides, you can also try to match one or two types of elements to allow the board to be filled with what you want.

Early on the game, you can try to take out blockers first on the board
Here, the short lines on the squares will not allow you to make matches
And, the piles of dirt will also block your way.

Too solve this, you have to remove those to give you a better chance at filling the board with elements you can match

Sometimes, you ma see the drones, the special items that you can find when you can make long matches
In accordance with this, you can move them on the board if they are not at the end of a line which you match.

Then, when making matches and taking them to the place they will cause the most destruction or where they are moved in the right spot such as the elements that are hard to get to.

For further, be sure to upgrade your drones with the iridium you have collected by completing each stage.

On the other side, replaying levels will sometimes make you get different drops during the game
Always remember to plan your strategy and make longer matches in the elements on the board for extra bonuses


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