Ingots Cheats in Honey Trap iPhone

Ming Li has brought the most exciting and charming slg and rpg, Honey Trap into iphone and android
Honey Trap presents countless hot beauties where you can assemble them and set out to conquer the world

honey trap strategy guides ios android

Later on, you will be introduced with the game systems where each of them will come to its own funtions that will help you in accomplishing each stage

The first is Hero System where it features some of actual legendary heroes that shall bow to your will and you can also deploy them accordingly to conquer the world

Belle System will offer you sexy beauties that will accompany you throughout the game
You will also get the powerful action skill through Skill System then you can activate the potential of heroes and enhance the Belles to help you sweep across the different battlefields in Cultivation System

In Exclusive System, you will be brought to the biography exclusive of your heroes as well as exploring to earn treasures and enhance your combat force

For further, you will be allowed to activate the Constellation Totem to bring your hero’s stats into full play in Totem System

During in the battle, you can use Nature System to mix of strategy and deploy your heroes and troops to be invincible

You will also go to Corps System where you can build up the most powerful Corps and work together to get the secret to Reincarnation
You can also invite your friends on Facebook and earn great rewards and you can challenge legendary battles to earn great honor.

Furthermore, you should recruit high level heroes to build the mightiest of all forces and improve your strength.
Here, you can get A level Heroes with your ingots for Golden Recruitment.
If there is no A Level drawn when using ingots or Pray Token for Golden Pray Token, you will get the chance of earning A Level for the next recruit round until an A level Hero is gained.

Every hero on this game will have free Aptitude points that you can allocate to the 4 Aptitudes by using the Hero Soul to cultivate.
You can do the reincarnation after allocating free Aptitude points, in which it is greatly to improve Aptitude and to receive more free points.

On the other side, if you can use Flowers to favor a belle, you will be able to increase her level and get higher damage as well as damage mitigation bonus.
Moreover, you can also unlock New Form and skill as well as using different skills in different battles to get better results.

You will need energy to unleash your skills and power when battling with enemies
In line with this, you can gain energy in Battles, so if you are in higher star level you will get more Energy.
Meanwhile, each light requires 100 Energy, and you can increase team’s attributes after lighting.
You will get a special bonus, when all the totems are lit.
At this point, different totems refer to different attributes and the success rate of lighting may vary so try to pick carefully.

Once having some experiences through some battles, you can get Passive Skill Books that you can get from Trial and Secret Treasure then they can be upgraded by devouring Skill EXP Books and other useless Passive Skill Books in order to get higher attributes.

After making some progresses through the game, you will receive gold as rewards
Then, you can use Gold to increase equipment, in that the sale price will increase Clearing the battles and receive equipment above purple quality with higher attribute.
So make sure to take part in the challenge opportunity offered daily.
You will go through Purification to improve your equipment and the Spirit level.
At this phase, you need the sketch that you can purchase from the Corps Shop

Once reaching level 35, you will be able to evolve gems that requires a certain number of Soul Pearls that you can find in the Corps Shop.
And, your skill damage will be increased after evolving.

When being at level 55, you can get an access to Nature.
Each Hero in this game can be equipped with up to 5 Pearls, in which every Pearl here has some Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain attributes.
In advance, when these 4 attributes reach a certain level, they can automatically activate the corresponding BUFF in which your heroes can only receive one BUFF per hero.


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