Ingots Cheats in Dynasty Heroes iPhone

Dynasty Heroes is developed by Liu Gao in which it offers you a new mobile RPG for iOS platform.
This game is categorized into adorable chibi anime-style RPG with a strong PvP element.

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Throughout the game, you will be served with a ton of different ways to upgrade your party.
Later on, you will be able to increase your experience level to open up your party to being able to have more characters.

During the play, make sure to focus on the rarity and the star rating of your characters.
Anyway, having four and five star characters here are surprisingly not all that rare, so you can fill your entire party with four- and five-star characters.
At the same time, you can try to use the one through three star characters as upgrade fodder.

Every character of this game will be equipped with one weapon and one piece of armor, in which you have to equip the rarest ones you have.

Here, you will simply tap on the equipped piece of weapon or armor so that you will get the option to boost it, that is to sacrifice other weapons or armor to increase its experience level
Thus, you can increase its attack or defense.
On the other side, boosting your characters and weapons will practically be a requirement to succeed in the arena.

To do this, just go to the Camp, then go to your pack by hitting the “pack” button, so that you will be able to open up all of the various packs that you can find throughout your questing.

Moreover, if you want some more of them, and you get stuck on a tough battle, you can go to the older stages that you have already beaten, then you can continue to quest through them again, so that you will be able to earn different prizes as bonus rewards.

In this game, you will be assigned to collect some ingots which are your rare or premium currency
According to this, you can buy Ingots in order to increase your VIP level.

In the way of gathering these premium currency, you will be able to get a ton of free Ingots through various arena and questing rewards, although they will not contribute to your VIP level.

Meanwhile, if you want to try to figure out who you can beat in the Arena, you are able to check the rarity of your team vs their team
But, even then, it is a kind of a crapshoot.

In addition, you should try to boost your team whenever you start to lose consistently.
Here, you can try using special booster cards with “EXP” on them so that you can boost your character and equipment levels at high speed.


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