How to Use Special Moves in Lego Bionicle Mask of Creation iPhone

The Lego Group is back with Lego Bionicle Mask of Creation game where you will get involved in the epic legend of the ancient and powerful six heroes namely Tahu, Kopaka, Onua, Gali, Pohatu and Lewa which will have to hunt for the ancient and powerful Mask of Creation to stop enemies on the island of Okoto.

lego bionicle mask of creation walkthrough ios android

After picking one of those heroes categories, you will then be brought to explore every single heist of Okoto island and fight against any incoming enemy there

To beat enemy at once, you can try to swift Swift taps for the ultimate combo which needs speed and precision of your taps.

Each time you hit an enemy, your combo multiplier will increase by one.
Then, with each successive hit, you will rack up the points in no time.
When dealing with enemies standing in your path, make sure to aim true and hit them properly
If you do not see enemies on screen when you finish off one, you can continue to run around for a bit to find its way to you.
Here, you will be given with a couple seconds before your combo meter resets, so move as fast as possible

In the mean time, always watch out for counter attacks
At this point, you must do a quick action when dealing with the skull spiders in which after they spawn, they will will run up as close as they can to you.
And, when they are getting closer to your position, they will charge up a mini-blast that surrounds them.
At that moment, if you try attacking them during this state, they will usually deliver the blast that will hit your hero.
If you are getting hit, your combo is immediately reset, so try to avoid it at all costs
Then, if a skull spider is charging up, you can try to aim for another one or you can just strike.
Remember that, on the later levels the skull spiders will be upgraded for the attacks and they will perform the charge attack the same way
But, now they will be spiked armor which lingers for a little while longer.

Besides your combo, yo can also try to utilize your special moves where you can earn different kind of power ups for your Bionicle hero after making a progress through the levels.

In Area attack, your first special move will be charged by attacking and it is performed by tapping the bottom right button.
Here, your hero will do a large area attack surrounding them and delivering massive damage.
Once progressing through the game, you will be able to unlock stronger versions of this which need to be charged longer than the weaker versions.

Later on, summon is the second special move that you can do by tapping the bottom left button which can stun all surrounding enemies.
You can use this when you see a lot of enemies charging up a counter attack around you
Doing this also breaks the spike shield that the skull spiders can summon.

Your third special move is Golden Mask indicated by a meter below your score count.
This special move fills when you attack, and it is filled all the way you enter a temporary golden mask mode.
At this point, your movement speed and attack speed will be increased during this mode, so you can try to unleash all your mighty power

In addition, after playing this game for a while, you can customize your heroes with an additional armor piece for one of the six heroes.
To customize your heroes, you can simply tap the wrench icon next to the selected hero you.
Thus, try to give something new for your hero in this game


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