How to Unwind and Make A Ribbon in UNWYND iPhone

UNWYND from Dropout Games can be said as a minimalistic puzzle game, where you will start out with one red block and one green to make a ribbon.

unwynd walkthrough ios android

At first look, this game is pretty simple, whereby if you perform a swipe from the red to the green, you can create a red ribbon.

To play this game, you can simply swipe up, down, left or right.
The main point here is to know and learn what color ribbon which you will create through your swipes.

Once creating the ribbon, it will not stop until it clashes with another ribbon.
Anyway, it will not be important to make either big or multiple small ribbons
One you should notice is that, it is a single block which is needed to complete the level.

Next, you will also be served with undo button that will be useful when you make a wrong move
Here, a simple tap on the undo move button will take you back a step so that you can correct the error you have just made in each stage.

On the other side, you will also find an option to restart the whole level.
After progressing through some stages, you will sometimes get frustrated to remember every move you have made
But, other times, it can quickly fix a major mess of ribbons.

Do not go rushing to move as this game will not have a timer.
In line with this, you can spend as long as you need looking over a level while trying to find out how to solve the puzzle with your own solution.

You can also minimize how many moves you complete a stage in.
At this point, with multiple solutions, you will have to try solving levels, which you can do by managing to get through creating plenty of different ribbons

For the next stages, if you see a lot of different blocks and colors there, all you will do is to take each step at a time.
At this phase, you can try to chip away at the solution than trying to solve everything within a couple of moves.
At the same time, you will sometimes find the solution coming together as you progress.

In order to get a solution, you can try to focus on one color at a time
Sometimes, this will work in certain situations.

To make a better path of your solution, sketching down methods will be really useful for completing later stages.


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