How to Unlock Totem from Monument Valley in Crossy Road iPhone

Recently, the most dynamic pixellate game, Crossy Road has launched its newest updates introducing a bunch of secret characters, including totems as the secret hidden one of them.

crossy road secret char totem apple watch ios

From now on, this game has a total of 9 new secret characters
In line with this, you will see Monument Valley as the one of the new characters that will cross the road in the game

Previously, Ida as the main character of that game can also be unlocked in the gacha.
Later on, the two other characters, such as A Crow and The Storyteller can be unlocked in the same exact way.

At this point, the Totem can be said as a secret hidden character included in the fourth character from Monument Valley
To get it, you must firstly unlock one of the other Monument Valley characters.

In accordance with it, you must play as that character, and get to the river with the square-shaped logs floating around in it.
In the mean time, you have to search for the top of the Totem to come up in the river.
Once being there, you can now jump on the Totem.
And, when you end the round, you can now unlock the Totem as your collection.

Except Crossy Road, the developer has just launched Land Sliders as another new game on the App Store, which also has secret characters.
Here, you will be able to unlock Turny and Astronaut from the gacha that you can do with 100 coins

For further, you will meet and unlock Qw33goorpps, Hooty, and Shooty Cat in Shooty Skies, as a new game game bringing the same formula as Crossy Road does

Thus, totem seems to be the recent secret character that you can unlock right now
Furthermore, just keep checking back this page to get new hidden characters to be unlocked, and information on the latest updates to this game on your device.


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