How to Unlock Rare Cards Chests Fast in Clash Royale iOS

Right now, Clash Royale is popular game on the ios and android platform that will continue arising from the day to come

clash royale rare cards ios android

As said earlier in the previous post in this site, this game can be said as a combination of real time strategy and tower defense game with a lot cards to be used while you are playing

Early on the game, you may be allowed to use core cards, then you will have to level up and collect more cards that you can use to battle with other player
To get this, all you will do is to open as many chests as possible during the game.

When leveling your cards, try to time your chest unlocks in strategic way since you will get more than one type of chest and some of them are better than others in this game.

In line with this, if you have better chests it will take longer to open
Thus, just try to open non-silver chests when you are about to go offline for long periods of time so that you can check in every three hours to clear out chest slots of silvers
And, only check open chests which take longer when you are asleep or getting busy at that time.

Later on, you will have to collect some trophies and move onto new arenas, which will make you earn easy chests by playing with easier opponents.
Always look for such opponents to get more card in the game

Moreover, doing this will allow you to unlock some new cards specific to a lower arena that you have not got yet.

On the other side, you can also get a chance to get some crowns within 24 hours
In accordance with this, you can unlock a crown chest by collecting ten crowns in that period of time
When doing this, you will get an incredibly generous chest, and you may have a ton of cards as well
So, just make sure to check and open it daily to get more rewards

Sometimes, after making some progresses through the game, you will get more gems
Make sure to use them on chest slots, and do not use them on new chests

At this point, you can use your gems to unlock more chests especially for those which are already located in the slots.

On the other side, chests in your slots may cost some gems to unlock than the ones which you buy in the store.

When visiting the store, try to look at the chests you earn in the game which is indicated by discount chests
This chest can be said as a winner’s discount, so that you will be allowed to open a lot more chests, which will give you more cards
Once unlocking more chests and more cards, you can level up fast in the game


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