How to Unlock New Heroes in The Witcher Battle Arena iPhone

Few days ago, The Witcher: Battle Arena developed by CD Projekt Red SA was in the progress on mobile platforms
But now, this game has been available on ios device and android devices

the witcher battle arena basic tutorials ipad ipod touch

Playing this game will bring you to check out and see how all the characters can be unlocked and played in the game.
Unlocking them all is not an easy task, especially if you don not intend to spend real life money on getting those characters.

In line with this, you can unlock the characters or heroes faster, and you can get the best characters when you finally have the silver for it.

At first, you will be given with three characters in a good classes such as the melee fighter, the mage and the long rage or archer type.
According to those heroes, all of them play the same, so keep in mind that these character types when deciding which one to unlock next and make your purchase based on your favorite play style.
Every character will have different skills and you might end up playing with each other differently

In order to unlock those characters, you will need 700 silver and you only get at least 16 after completing a battle.
At this point, for every 44 battles you are playing, you will get a brand new character.

Later on, some battles will be easier than others in which the PvP battles are the most difficult of them all
Therefore, you can keep staying away from them for a while, as they will take the most.

Besides, you can go for the Coop vs. AI battles and be sure to win it for having more cool items that you can use to battle with enemies.

Early on, you can start with the Easy difficulty level with a good team to complete a battle in a bit over 5 minutes, in which playing in this mode will usually be fast since other games can take up to 10 minutes.

Every match you have completed well will earn you with more points than the others
You can also get in the Coop vs AI way more Silver than what you get in the PvP battles, so you could try that out as well.
Sometimes, you will find out that you will get more Silver coins in Intermediate battles in this game.

To get a ton of in-game currency fast that you can use to unlock new characters, be sure to keep on playing as much as possible and win as much as possible.

Once unlocking each character, you have to master each character in that it will take some time and it is not all as easy as it might look when you see them played by somebody pro in this game.

Anyway, you can try to master a very solid first new character, such as Golem, because he has some really amazing skills
And, it only is suitable for close combat as he is melee hero

In addition, once finding a character that fits your style, you have to master it, then concentrate on getting all the extra items, such as skins or weapons that you can use to beat some villains


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