How to Unlock New Characters in Cops & Donuts iPhone

Cops and Donuts! Don`t block the lines from ooblada can be categorized into a new endless puzzle game that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android platforms.

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In this game, you will take a role as one solo anime style cop in the center of a large game board, in that some donuts will be coming at you from from directions.

Along the game, you are assigned to go as long as possible without letting one of the four donuts lines back up your way.

Early on this game, be sure to learn what direction the donuts will be coming from next.
At this point, each of the four sides will come along with a box
Here, if that box has a donut inside of it, one more down will be going to appear.
But, if that box is coming in empty one, then there will be no more donuts going to come up for now.

If you see two of the same color donuts collide with each other, they will transform into a special donut, in which you will earn you two points when knocking it out and they will also knock out the donut behind you as well.

Later on, if you see a third donut of the same color hit it, it will be a line donut in that it will also knock out the entire line of donuts behind you.
If you see a fourth donut of the same color in the wind on it, it will be a sprinkled donut, in which it will also knock out all same color donuts when you hit that.

Before knocking out one of the line donuts, be sure that the line of donuts behind it is as long as possible
If you can do so well, you can get your money’s worth.

Later on, before knocking out one of the sprinkle donuts, always make sure there are few of the same color on the screen.
Then, you will see that the lines build up for as long as possible before knocking them out.

When playing this game, you will see that donuts are the kind of important thing that you must collect in any other way

You can collect them then spend them to unlock a new type of cop.
Once getting the new one, you can change the appearance of the cop in the middle.
Moreover, it will be fun to collect all of them as your collection.

Sometimes, getting a back up will be handy in the game as it will stop you from losing a stage
However, calling for back up will use one of your calls.
After running out of calls, you must purchase more of them with real life money.

In addition, if you want to go for free, you can try going as far as you can without calling for back up in each stage.


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