How to Unlock New Characters in Call of Doodie Nature Calls iPhone

Call of Doodie Nature Calls is all about a game that will challenge your reflex to go rushing through rooms and open the correct doors to find something that you want.

call of doodie nature calls walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to go through hundreds of environments full of challenges and career-threatening situations, where you will get to the bathroom in time
In the mean time, be sure not to go running into that goddamn new DeveloBear or it’s game over.

In related to the doors in this game, you may go through some specific doors such as regular doors, sliding doors, japanese doors, castle gates, laser doors, etc

Throughout the game, you will also have to unlock and play with several characters such as the usual office guy, the secretary, the surgeon, the mutant, the pimp and more

Every time, you try to reach the door in each level, be sure to remember the pattern
Here, there will be fixed pattern in every level of call of doodie, in which it will highly be recommended to write it in the paper and make it as your guide while playing the level another time.

With that pattern, you will not need to see the sign if it is left or right and other confusing signs and doors.

On the other side, you can also try to use macro in this game so that you can view and interact your device screen to your computer screen.

In addition, this game will come along with the ads that will always pop up every time you are playing this game
To get rid of this, you can try to set your phone into airplane mode so that you can play this game in full version


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