How to Unlock New Characters in Bernie Sandwiches iPhone

Bernie Sandwiches: Run to the White House by Storm Watch Games is now to be an awesome addictive game for the ios and android platforms

bernie sandwiches walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a new endless running game which features Bernie Sanders as the main character

Seemingly, this game is based off of the meme started off of Chris Hayes’ flub of his name.
Here, all you will do is to collect sandwiches as much as possible while scoring up points into higher On the other side, you can eventually save up enough sandwiches for new unlocks.

Once progressing through the game, you can reach new areas, which are based off of the various locations on the campaign trail.

At this point, you will have to go for your journey starting from Iowa then keep running further to go to the other states.
Later on, if you can work on further each time you play, you can get into the White House.

Meanwhile, you will also have to overcome different obstacles with different strategies.
In order to clear the double-height cones, you can try doing a quick double jump.

Besides, you will also have to get past all of the close-together spikes, which you can do by jumping and tapping the screen again when you hit the ground in the second.
Note that, do not do a double jump, and you can jump right after touching the ground at that moment.

Each time you do the right solutions, you will get your sandwich total to be increased which will happen when you can finish the round.

In this game, all of the sandwiches you pick up will become currency.
Then, you can use it to unlock new character
To do this, just go to the main title screen and tap on the picture of Bernie
Afterward, just swipe it to the left then you can purchase another character for 2,500 dollars or sandwiches.

Thus, the main point to play this game is to collect more sandwiches to unlock a new character then gain some levels into higher one.

In addition, you may see the ad to come up on the screen while you are playing this game
To get rid of the ad, you can set your phone into an airplane mode
Or, you can show your appreciation by purchasing the ad removal from iaps


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