How to Unlock All Cars in Dashy Crashy iPhone

Dashy Crashy from Dumpling Design can be said as a rally addictive and interesting endless driving game which is dedicated to ios users

dashy crashy walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to drive your car to go as far as possible on a crowded highway and unlock 54 cars, then try to get ranked based on your performance in the game.

When playing this game, just try to use cars that resist more than one hit, since such car increases your chances to get as far as possible

In line with this, you can search for the large cars such as the Lorry Cab, Lorry, Garbage Truck, Fire Truck which will get you to go as far as possible.

At this point, you will merely swipe up to go faster, so that you have a clear path ahead to go as far as possible
Anyway, you can also use the brakes whenever the other cars are coming from behind
You can do this when one of the lines on the highway gets colored so that you can let them pass, and you can avoid them

When trying to go as far as you can, all you will do is to always look at what the game’s throwing at you.
For such reasons, you can always look as close to the horizon while deciding which route to take such as the one that with the least traffic

When driving your car, consider to the cars that are changing lanes
At this moment, their lights will indicate if they go left or right.
And, they are usually slow to change lanes so that you can speed past them before they will make a move

To keep driving your car, you may consider to stick to the middle of the road so that you can switch left or right.
However, your main goal to simply avoid traffic by sticking to either the leftmost or rightmost sides of the road.

And, you must move from the left to the right whenever possible
At the same time, you can always adjust your style based on what is coming ahead

Later on, you will have to unlock all cars such as UFO, Super Car, Tank, Street Racer, Monster Truck, Formula Racer, Big Rig, Roadster, Grand Tourer and Pickup Truck which can take quite a beating

In accordance with this, you must keep practicing to get better performance so that you will get a chance to be rewarded with better cars, and you can also gain high score
Thus, just improve your performance in order to get all cars unlocked for free in the game


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