How to Survive in Five Nights at Freddy`s 3 Arcade Style Minigames iPhone

After successfully entertaining and thrilling horror gamers in Five Nights at Freddy, now Scott Cawthon has continued to make the next sequel called Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 which is a survival horror game.

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Similar to the first series of this game, you work on a run-down pizzeria and you will have to survive while a maniacal bunny rabbit animatronic tries to murder you.

In the first night, learn the every room`s layout and mechanics as Springtrap will not be released until night two, in which Springtrap will be good at hiding himself and your survival depends on how quickly you recognize when he is occupying a room.

If you see Springtrap on one of your cameras, just switch to an adjacent room and play the audio of the child laughing.
At this point, Springtrap will investigate, while drawing him that much further away from your office.
And, if you spot Springtrap in the vents while flipping around your cameras, just try to seal them.

Later on, if Springtrap is staring at you from the doorway, try to stare back
And, if you see him peering around the doorway, you may just stand still.

On the other side, if Chica, the Puppet, or Balloon Boy appear in your camera view, you must change cameras as quick as possible before lowering the monitor

Sometimes when flipping through your cameras, you may see the phantoms of the animatronics from the previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games.

Meanwhile, Balloon Boy’s face will come up in the camera
Then, Chica’s face will also pop up on the arcade machine screen
In the mean time, the Puppet will also appear in the hallway.
If you see any of them, just change your camera view before lowering your monitor as you will have a chance to disable the jump scare before it happens.

If Foxy or Freddy comes up in the office, you can try to raise one of the monitors so that Freddy and Foxy’s jump scares requires you to raise one of your monitors at the right time.

If you spot Freddy’s shadow moving outside your window, you should raise your monitor before he finishes walking across it.
And, if seeing Foxy standing in your office, you can try to flip up your screen immediately.

For further, if you are taken in by a jump scare, the ventilation systems will immediately fail whereby you can try to reboot them before you black out.
To reboot each system individually, it needs five seconds, and eight seconds to fix them via the “reboot all” option.
If you see more than one system is down, you can reboot all system.

Anyway, you will see that the arcade-style minigames in between each night will give you clues to access hidden minigames and to solve how to survive in each night in this game

BBdbclick is get you to double click Balloon Boy on camera 8 to access his minigame.
Lit-up squares is a kind of the sequence of buttons to push on the arcade machine to access Mange’s minigame.
At this point, go to the arcade machine on camera 7, and click the buttons in the following sequence: Upper-left, lower-left, upper-right, lower-right.

The four cupcakes lets you click on the cupcakes on cameras 2, 3, 4, and 6 to access Chica’s minigame.
String of numbers in your office show you nine tiles in between Bonnie’s guitar prop and the wastebasket.
These nine tiles can be as a number or telephone pad and push the tiles in this following order: 3, 9, 5, 2, 4, and 8 that will allow you to access Freddy’s minigame.

In addition, on night five, you will see a Shadow Bonnie doll on the far right side of your desk.
When seeing this, you can click on it to access Shadow Bonnie’s minigame.


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