How to Survive from Dungeons in Rust Bucket iPhone

Nitrome has launched Rust Bucket on the apple store as a turn based dungeon crawler game which is built for mobile platforms

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Here, all you will do is to swipe to take a step, swipe into enemies to attack.
When performing your action, just plan ahead and learn how each of your steps will affect the movement of dungeons

Always stay alert of the red cross since it will come to the game over if you move to that spot
In the mean time, just learn how the monsters respond to you.

In each level, you may meet plenty of monsters around, and you do not have to pursue them.
Anyway, you may need to dodge them and fight if you are strong enough.

Early on the level, you will deal with the gray lumbering statue, as you will not be able to walk into these to attack them.
To beat that creature, you will have to lure them towards bombs then activate them to blow them up.
Do not go rush to attack it and your movement will determine your successful

On the other side, learning and completing the tutorial will teach you some important things about how this game works.
The tutorial will teach you how to pick which the best route to take your step into the exit.

In addition, this game may pop up the ad during the gameplay
In order to get rid of this, you can set your phone into an airplane mode when you are playing it
So, you will not connect to any internet connection which will emerge that ad to always come up


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