How to Solve Spring Levels for Hearts in Staying Together iPhone

Naquatic has a multi-character puzzle platformer game, Staying Together that will get you to control two lovers simultaneously in your quest to unite them.
Later on, you have to maneuver them around gorgeous, hand-crafted environments loaded with obstacles, traps, and collectibles where you should have careful planning and cooperation that can overcome the obstacles and reunite them

staying together walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be allowed to play the Spring levels without paying for additional levels, then you must beat all of the Spring levels and get all heart pieces

Level 1-1 is the intro level.
Just move left and right on the left side of the screen as this causes the left side character to move in those directions, but the right side character in the opposite directions.
Tap the right side of the screen to jump and double jump.
Collect all the heart pieces and go to the light to move on

Level 1-2 will get you to overcome the first obstacle, spikes
Time to jump off the woman’s cliff to collect a heart piece
In the mean time, you should go back onto safe ground before the man falls off.
Fall into the woman’s side spike pit just for a split second to get the piece, then perform a double jump to safety.

Level 1-3 is getting you to jump over the single spike.
Level 1-4 just fall into the pit on the woman’s side to collect the piece then do a double jump out.

Level 1-5 Solutions
Just move the man all the way to right, and stop him above the cliff where the woman is.
At this point, you can have the man jump up and grab the piece in the air, then you can have the woman drop below and grab the floating piece without having the man jump right into spikes.
Next, you can use the wall above the woman’s starting point to space the two out, so that they will meet in the center.

Level 1-6 Answers
Just move the man left and woman right to collect two heart pieces.
On the other side, keep the man in the little hole, then move the woman all the way back to the left.
While the woman is running into the wall, just move the man right over the 5 spikes.
Get him jump up to the last heart piece to make some space so that they can meet in the center

Level 1-7 Strategy
Try to get the man to grab the heart directly to the right, but be sure not to fall off and get the second one.
Instead, fall off to the left, you should keep the woman on her starting platform while having the man grab the piece to the bottom left.
In the mean time, you can have the man stand near meeting point then have the woman jump down to get the last piece.

Level 1-8 is all all about timing to jump.
You will see a heart piece on both sides
To deal with this, have them man and woman jump towards their respective pieces, and when they touch the heart, you have to turn around and double jump in a quick time.
In line with this, you have to to make it back for a quick victory.

Level 1-9 will get you to have the man and woman drop down, but you must quickly move right with the woman to double jump to get the heart.
Afterward, you should on the second platform, then run into the walls so that they are at equal distances
At the same time, you can then jump and collect the two heart pieces.

Level 1-10 will get you to utilize the middle hill platforms to space both characters and give enough distance
Doing so will allow you to grab the heart pieces.
Afterward, you can have the woman jump over the tall platform over into the meeting point.

Level 1-11 will have you take turns keeping the one running into wall in which the other may proceed to get the hearts.

Next, you will see the others levels solutions of this game on the next page, so stay tuned to get all the levels solved successfully


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