How to Solve Puzzle in Dreii iPhone

Dreii from Etter Studio GmbH is a puzzling game which takes more about skill, logic and friendship.
Seemingly, this game is the award-winning collaborative physics conundrum that you can play on the ios and android devices recently

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In other words, this game is a rather stylish and wonderful puzzle game which is reminiscent of cooperative games.

Playing this game will connect to players in real-time across the world, where you can help each other in a battle against gravity.

To play this game, all you will do is to simply tap where you want to go.
Each time, you tap on an object, it causes to change color
It means that, you will get attached to it and you can move it around.

On the other side, your main objective here is to cover up the glowing dot on the screen.
Early on the game, it will be easy at first, and it will go a lot hard later on

Once playing this game for the first few levels, you will then see another creature on screen which is played by another player

When playing with them, you can communicate with them that you can do by tapping on the talk button in the bottom left hand corner.
There, you will also see that they probably start doing their own thing, which will get you to help them and consider how best to solve it.

For such reasons, having teamwork will really be important you cannot directly speak to them.
To help them in this game, you must take it slowly and experiment to get closer to the solutions.

In the beginning of the early level, you will have to build a tower of squares
To build it, you may sometimes topple the tower by mistake so just keep experimenting the way to get it solved altogether.
In addition, you will be assigned to complete all 48 levels

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