How to Slide Fast Like Pro for High Score in Waterslide Extreme iPhone

Waterslide Extreme brought by Barclaycard can be included into a fresh simple action racing game where you will utilize your phone`s accelerometer to guide you down while collecting green crystals, hearts and gaining score as high as possible

waterslide extreme walkthrough ios android

During the game, you will feel the speed as you race against the clock and slide way down the serious twists and turns of a massive waterslide while picking up as many points as you can

In a simple way, you will glide through cool modern cityscapes and ride the skies
To play this game, you will simply twist and tilt your way round tight corners and big loops, while following the natural velocity of the slide.
Here, all you will do is to slide as fast as you can to get more points and win each stage for a prize.

When performing your action, you can use your brake button to control your character
You can use it when a row of crystals are popping up.
Slowing down will also help you turn sharper, that will also allow you to get all crystals.
Always remember not to use the brake button to often since you need to beat the clock either.

Except collecting green crystals along the stage, you must also pay attention to hearts as these hearts will be as your extra life power ups
You can get them scattered on the stage when you are performing your action

To complete the goal successfully, do not slow down enough to the point where you stop moving
It is caused by you will automatically lose the stage.
In the mean time, you must consider this especially when the slide has an incline.

Since the tube is completely covered, you will be able to move wherever you want on the slide.
In order to go for a speed fast, just stay on the portion of the slide where the water is flowing as this will increase your acceleration.

Sometimes, you may meet the enemies such as the crabs and ducks in each stage
They will usually make you slow you down when you collide with them
To solve this, you must focus on a crown power up, that will make you invincible.

For such reasons, you can destroy them when you run on them in invincible
Moreover, every time you beat them, you will be granted with some bonus points

Furthermore, you can also use the boost power up in form of the stacked red arrows power up
If you use this power up, you will dramatically increase your speed.
You can find it in fixed locations, in which they will always be in the same spot.
Sometimes, you may find them before inclines where you will go for the extra speed.
Thus, just find and use this power up to speed up fast that will come to more score points


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