How to Score up High in Spinny Phone iPhone

If you are really love your phone and want to play with it directly, you may come across a new game called Spinny Phone from Spinny Technologies which will get you to play your phone as a joystick

spinny phone walkthrough ios android

This game is for the ios and android devices where you will merely spin our phone around in different directions while following every instruction to gain score as high as you can
When doing so, you must do it fast as if you do more spin it will spin fast

Along the game, you must keep up with the ever-increasing speeds of the game to gain a high score.
So, the main point is to keep the sound on to have the best results.

During int he gameplay, make sure to listen for the command from your phone such as turning the phone, tapping it, or shaking it.

In line with this, just try to look for the color of the command.
Left is blue
Right is green
Flip is navy
Shake is orange
Tap is yellow
Freeze is gray
Always memorize what color refers to according to each command

When you are about to do the left and right commands, just get your phone rotated one quarter turn
Also, you can snap your phone back to the neutral position once the number pops up on the screen.
You can perform the turning one-handed with this method


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