How to Rescue More People in Five Minutes Before iPhone

Five Minutes Before from odenis studio can be said as a lunar-lander style game for the ios platform where you will be tasked to rescue as many people as possible before time is up and the Earth evaporates.

five minutes before walkthrough ios android

Here, you will see everybody on the rooftops, waiting for the quick rescue
To rescue and evacuate them, you will have got five minutes while watching your energy meter

If you see 0% energy, it is not empty at all
At this point, your thrusters can still work long enough to get you back to base in a pinch.
But, having a flight with minimum energy will not lift your craft

When completing your mission, you will not have to land to pick up people
Along the game, if you see a survivor in need of rescue on some weird geometry, it might be hard to land and pick them up without crashing there.

In line with this, you can try to bring your craft just high enough to touch a survivor, so that you can pick them up without having to land.

It is caused by, if you land near someone, they will automatically come to you
So, you will not need to land right on a survivor since you will just be wasting precious fuel.
And, if you land somewhat near a survivor, they will run to your ship.

When having a flight with your craft, you can try to go up high for a good view so that you will get a bright view to see who needs saving

Remember that, going to fly higher will take up loads of fuel
Anyway, you will get the ability to see survivors a good ways off.
Plus, if you fly higher, you can easily drift down onto landing spots and make low energy descents onto the landing pad at ease


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