How to Reach High Point Score in Dessert Dash Android

KonaMobile will allow you to enter the Dessert Kingdom, where you will enjoy a fun filled adventure with fairies and desserts in this new adventure game, which is called Dessert Dash.

dessert dash walkthrough ios android

Here, you are able to join Dessert Bear as he will travel through the Kingdom, as well as shooting bubbles to clear stages and help in rescuing the fairies there.

In line with this, this game can be categorized into a kind of a sweet and diverse bubble adventure, that will offer you a bunch of different stage modes, bosses and enemies
To get some pleasure when playing this game, you will be served with special Bubble Fairies, magical spells as well
Later on, you will also have to complete over 80 stages that will earn you more points.

Along the game, all you will do is to clear Eliminate Bubbles and link 3 or more bubble to eliminate them.

Here, you will get number of bubbles limited, and if you have more bubble left you will get higher score
When getting bubble switch, you should tap the second bubble at the cannon to switch loaded bubble.

Then, try to drop bubbles to get more points
Meanwhile, you can tap at the wall area to bounce the bubble off the wall.

Anyway, you will have full charged energy with 10 combos, and you can create a magic bubble.
Each combo will generate anger points for the fairy, that will create super magic bubble

In the way of passing through the stage, you can try to hit the crown with any bubble
Also, in the timed attack, you will be able to get at least one star to pass the stage
In order to clear the stage, you can try to accurate bubble bouncing techniques.

Moreover, this game will offer you some free stuffs that you can do by simply logging in this game daily
To get this free stuff, all you will do is to do time lapse trick

As usual, just close Dessert Dash game by restarting your phone
Next, set the time in advance for 1 day or above.
Afterward, you can now open Dessert Dash game and you will get your daily rewards there.

After getting all your rewards in this game, be sure to change back the time to normal again
At this time, just open Dessert Dash as usual but now do not play a single game on the screen.
Once again, close the game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager
At this time, you can go back to time and date settings then change the time and date to the current time and date based on your region where you live now.


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