How to Pick Heroes and Get More Keys in The Soul Android

NHN Entertainment Corp has brought a brand new rpg which is wrapped in The Soul Whirlwind of Silence
Here, you will play as the bravest warriors who must stop the mad sorcerer Zhang Jue and the horde of undead jiangshi warriors that race across peasant China.

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The story begins when Zhang Jue wants to get the souls of history’s greatest heroes that will turn the tide of the undead warriors back by capturing and harnessing the power of China’s champions.
For such reasons, you will have to gather up as many of Zhang Jue’s corrupted souls as you can so that you can empower your hero and bring peace back to the kingdom.

You as the commander must grow your character from an ineffectual soldier to a legendary master along with hundreds of Three Kingdom champions that you can command.

To complete your missions, you will be equipped with the twin swords as your stealthy Assassin
Plus, you will get your spear as the indomitable Warrior, that you can sue to strike back against the chaos with a flurry of supreme soul powers and crushing charge attacks toward enemies at a time

During in your journey, you can team up with the souls of heroes and fellow adventurers that you can bring together to overcome some powerful villains in global boss battles
Also, you will have to fight against classic Three Kingdom heroes from Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, to Diao Chan then force the jiangshi warriors to bow to your will

With your weapons, you can deliver devastating attacks against the sorcerer’s legion of undead warriors then you should uncover and conquer more mysteries and more demons as well

Later on, you can also increase your rank in the PVP Arena and take part in a Guild to confront legendary heroes from the Middle Kingdom in epic boss battles

Early on this game, you must choose type of heroes based on your style
The story of Assassin
Assassin has Twin Swords who has been saved by a group of soldiers and taught her the art of fighting
After going through training and mastering the art of two swords, she explores the lands to rescue another child from suffering her fate.
This hero can deliver powerful consecutive attacks at one time.

The story of Warrior
This hero has Spear as the main weapon
In this game, he encounters a mysterious army of immortals who destroy his unit and his own life is saved by a Taoist priest.
Then, the priest teaches him ancient Taoist magic
After going through training from there, he sets out on a journey to find the souls of heroes who can help him beat Zhang Jue.
This hero is good for beginners as he has high defense ability and easy controls.

Each hero will perform specific damage that you can see in these following lines
Huang Gai can deliver 105.0% damage to an enemy in front of you and he can drag them to your feet.
Ma Chao can leap forward and attacks a group of enemies.
He will give you 79.2% of your attack power + your combo points X 10.0% as damage to enemies

With Xu Chu, any enemies within a large radius will receive 126.0% of your attack power as damage.
And, Wen Chou can provide two decisive upward cuts, that will deal 123.0% damage.
Yan Liang can swing a knife wildly and charges, which deals 78.0% damage
Zhang Liao can back up and fires energy at enemies in front, that deals 105.0% damage.

On the other side, you will level up through the battles, and you must try upgrading your Equipment and Souls in order to make a progress fast

Along the game, you will be provided with keys in which you can exchange them with friends once per day.
So, just make sure you have lots of friends in order to get more keys from them as you can send and back forth each other concerning with this key.

In order to defeat a powerful boss, be sure to join forces with your friends.
Then, if your friend find a Raid Boss, you can join the fight to beat that Raid Boss.

In addition, if you can get the soul of a dead hero, you will gain the ability to channel that hero’s soul.
When a Soul has reached its maximum level, you can upgrade it by doing a fusion with other souls.


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