How to Mix Tiles and Palettes to Gain High Score in Sature iPhone

Sature is a game which combines painting with turn-based strategy.
This game is developed by Ian Sundstrom in that the inspiration is coming from mixing colors on a palette that is to become a smart Chess-like game of color-based tactics.

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Here, you will draw from the process of mixing colors on a palette, and this game offers an engrossing turn-based strategy game.
To play this game, you simply place colored tiles on the board in each turn.
And, these tiles will mix with neighboring colors to make new tactical situations and opportunities for inventive play.

On the other side, you may rely on your wits to outmaneuver your opponent on board.
Then, when you get the board completed and finished, a unique palette emerges from the way the colors have mixed as they are played on the board.

Be sure to analyze the board and your tiles in each turn in which this will give you more time to place your tiles
Also, you can try to plan when to play them and what type of tiles to play

In the mean time, you must also look for color, intensity or brightness and the arrows that your rivals have.
If you can plan your strategy in such a way, you will not only get the most out of the tiles that you place, but you can also minimize the effect of your opponent’s tiles.

In order to win each turn, try to play a defensive game and the offense early on.
At this point, you can start to place the tile in the most arrows and in the best position
At the same time, you can then adjust your play on the offensive way, while attacking the pieces placed by your opponent.
Also, you can force them to go on the defensive and keep blasting them with your new pieces.

Later on, after playing the Sature for a while, you will learn how colors work and how the intensity affects the score.
In accordance with this, you can try to keep the brightest pieces that you have for the offense and you can go using red on yellow or bright blue on green and so on.

Moreover, placing a really bright color on a tile will give the effect on a piece of your opponent’s.
If you can place places the tile first, you will affect the surrounding ones
Anyway, this will change the colors of the pieces of your opponent so that their effect on the score will be lower.

At the beginning of the game, it will highly be recommended to play this game against AI opponents first so that you will really understand how all the colors work
Playing with the AI opponent will give you a chance to increase your level as often as possible.
Once making sense of the colors, you can start playing in pvp for gaining score as high as possible


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