How to Make More Money Coins in TruckSimulation 16 iPhone

TruckSimulation 16 from astragon Software will take you to control of one of seven real trucks.
This game can be said as a driving simulation game designed specially for ios and android platforms

trucksimulation 16 walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will drive a rickety old clunker to get through a variety of supply contracts across a large road network in Western and Central Europe for coins.
With all money coins you earn, you can use them to purchase better trucks

Along the game, you will also take some mission types, from standard orders to the transportation of goods

In the way of completing that mission, just choose the right trailer for one of eight different categories of goods
Here, you will be able to transport bulky goods with the wood semitrailer or groceries with the frozen trunk-semitrailer through Central and Western Europe

Later on, you will be brought to drive across 20 cities along with realistic landmarks, such as familiar highways.

Each time, you take your journeys carefully and punctually, you will get bonuses for your company
In this game, you can employ new workers in the management menu, so that they can undertake journeys and bring in money for you to be used to purchase new vehicles and trailers.

You can also have the faithfully-reproduced racing truck by Team Hahn, the several-time European champions, and drive along Europe’s highways in the game.

When playing this game, you will get a choice of which control method to use.
In line with this, you can use the virtual controls and tilt controls based on your style.

At this point, using cruise control will be useful when you know the speed limit will not change for a while
In the mean time, you will be fined 300 credits for speeding and those fines add up.

When paring your truck, cornering will need some practice where all you will do is to take it easy on a sharp bend, and try not to crash anything when doing so.
You can also learn the finer side of driving as well.

When starting with new mission, just refrain from travelling long distances while getting more money faster from what you are doing in that mission

Later on, you will also have to upgrade your truck and unlock new ones
In order to get more money from this game, you can hire drivers as often as possible since they fairly low maintenance
Be sure to have a fleet of drivers working under you to make more money at ease.


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