How to Jump for High Score in Revolution Bulkypix iPhone

Revolution from Bulkypix can be said as a new endless game that you can play on both the iOS and Android devices.

revolution walkthrough ios android

This game will test your fast reactions of your tap to go up through each spinning ring while avoiding red to gain a point and score.
In related to the tap, do never wait too long with your tap to move or the walls will crush you.

In other words, all you will do in this game is to get your square out of the circle and into the next circle then go as far as you can

Here, the circles will give all manner of different challenges, so must try to put up consistent high scores.

To play this game, just send your square through the blue part of the circle while avoiding the pink part of the circle.
During the process, if you hit the pink wall on either circle, you will go back to the beginning and start all over again.

Along the game, some circles will spin before you can enter them
And, some will merely spin after you have entered them
In the mean time, some will not spin at all.

You will also see some of them will even have completely non-existent walls
It means that, you can shoot in or out of them anytime you want without having to worry about hitting anything there.

Later on this game, you will dealt with where you will see each stage with two circles spin at the same time
At this point, you will see the one that you are inside of and the one that you are trying to get inside of will also spin at at time.

To solve this, you must wait a little bit of time to get these ones right.
The main point is that you will not have to go into the next circle in hurry, as long as you are not close to the walls before you can jump over it.

As usual, this game will pop up the ads while you are playing
In order to get rid of this ads, you can set your phone into airplane mode and be sre to turn off data and wifi network connection while you are playing this game

But, since the developer makes money from this ads, it will highly be recommened to purcahse the ad removal from iaps


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