How to Have More Candies in Tap My Katamari iPhone

Tap My Katamari – Endless Cosmic Clicker is the newest product of Bandai Namco Entertainment which brings a new clicker game starring one of the first viral characters for mobile platforms.

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In this game, you take a role as the Prince, where you get to roll the Katamari and pick up everything to make it bigger and bigger one

At the same time, you will be assigned to earn some coins and stars, which will help you progress from one stage to another easily

Similar to any clicker game, all you will do is to upgrade the tap so that you can tap with more than one finger at a time
Because of this, you can tap with two, three, four, or even more fingers which will be handy to deal with a boss character

Sometimes, you may need to hire your cousins to automatically roll the Katamari and give you coins, even when you are out of the game.
To double your earning of coins, you can watch a video popping up automatically

Moreover, you can also multiple your coins for four hours straight by tapping the mushroom icon menu
In the mean time, tap the Coin Fever button to make a video pop up
After watching that video, you get double the coins for 4 hours.

In related to get some stars in the game, you can get them when your prince has reached a specific level
Having some will provide you a bonus and the ability to get some new premium items You can also get more cousins by having more stars in the game, especially for the special ones

On the other side, your cousins will have a new skill involving a better chance of a critical, or they can increase distance traveled per tap of the Katamari which will help you beat the boss and earn you more coins and candies.

In addition, you can get more candies by completing every stage in the game
Or, you can watch the promotional videos from the developer to get additional candies


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