How to Get Wildcards Dominator in Stick Tennis Tour Elite Packs iPhone

Stick Tennis Tour made by Stick Sports will give you a new experience of playing a great little tennis game on the go where your characters can move around automatically and you will focus on the right shots to beat enemies with high score.

stick tennis tour walkthrough ios android

To play this game, serving can be the main point which will lead you into victory
For such reasons, you must practice your timing to hit a burning serve for an ace in a field.

You can do this by tapping once to throw the ball in the air and tapping again when the ball has reached its peak.

If you can do it well, the ball will go into the center of the service square.
And if you get this timing down, try moving on to swiping for service to hit balls down the T or near the edge of the court.

When dealing with your rival, try to make your opponents run as much as possible so that they will return your shots.
Also, they will be too slow in getting to the next ball.

On the other side, you can also make your opponents run when playing along the baseline that you can do by alternating shots to the left and right of the court.

When you are about to start playing close to the net, the balls can get hit past you
For such reasons, you must be a quicker reaction time to get everything right as you are playing with a lot less court.

Generally, you can thwart an enemy rushing the net by hitting the ball to the same side of the court which your character is standing on.

Here, your shots will go directly to the close net opponent who can easily spike the ball away from you if you hit cross court
And, try hitting on the same side when standing as this will let you hit deep balls which will go past your competition before they can even get to them.

As said earlier, timing is important in this game
At this point, you must hit balls at the exact right time to make them more accurate and faster
Also, make sure to practice swinging to get your shots down in which you must know that your shot has a red trail instead of a white one.
Always take a look at this statement when you are about to make a shot of the ball

In addition, you will also get a chance to get wildcards once you can complete some stages in the game
Thus, just keep playing in good strategy such as explained by above lines


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