How to Get Token Pack in Dots & Co iPhone

Dots & Co seems to be the next sequel of Dots and Two Dots which you may have known on the ios and android

dots and co walkthrough ios android

In this new series, Dots & Co brings the classic connect the dots adventure with magical companions
Here, you will have to get stars and token, the premium currency of this game

Along the game, all you will do is to match up dots round corners and in a straight line.
Never match them diagonally, but you must go round corners
Once clearing some dots, the board drops all dots down accordingly.

Try to aim at forming squares or rectangles, as this will help you clear all the other dots of the same color.

In the mean time, try to combine swirly dots which will turn all surrounding dots into the same color as them, so that it will make easy to create squares or rectangles.
Knowing the Currencies

During the gameplay, watch out the two numbered bars at the top of the level select screen.
Here, you will also need three energy meter to play a level.

After completing a level, you will gain some energy again
Besides, you will get one star which means one dose of energy, in which two stars mean two, and three means three doses of energy

On the other side, you get cogs, special powers to boost the abilities of your companions
Use them when you are about to run out of moves.
Using them will earn you five extra moves, as well as boost your companions.

Also, use them to get special power-ups which will help you remove one dot from the board.
Use such the eraser power-up to move a bunch of same colored dots together, so that you can deal with a square shape.

Activating the sure shot power-up will remove all the dots in the same row and column in the game
Activate companion charge power-up to boost your companion’s abilities quickly.

In addition, after completing some levels in the game, you can get token which you can use to get items in the game to help you progress fast and easy


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