How to Get Ticket Orb in RPG Toram Online iPhone

RPG Toram Online from Asobimo can be included into MMORPG in that this game is a new sequel to RPG Iruna Online and RPG Avabel Online which seems to be a long lasting RPG that you can play on mobile, ios and android phones.

rpg toram online walkthrough ios android

To play this game, just find the little arrow or plumb bob appearing on screen and follow it to lead you to where you want to go when exploring each area in this game.
Just tap the action button where you can talk to someone, open a door, or attack monsters in that area.

Besides, you can also tap the say button to call on other players or your friends to help you beat bosses which are tough.

When battling with enemies, just tap the action button indicated with a sword
In the mean time, you will automatically start attacking at this point while you must also watch for the boss’s pattern and tap it when you see the enemies start moving.
Note that your attack will be cooling down to prepare for the next attack.

In this game, you will also be given with some quest that you have to complete
In the process of it, it will be important to talk to as many people as you can in a town.

Generally, they typically have interesting stuff to say, in which this may sometimes get you to complete side quests.
Completing these side quests will be useful way to get new rewards such as experience and equipment
Perhaps, if you are lucky enough, you may get ticket and orbs by completing such quests in this game

On the other side, you will also have to level up your character that you can do by going to an area with a lot of enemies, then just tap the action button that will allow your hero attack automatically In the mean time, always pay attention in their experience level, as when it increases, their stats will also come to high level.

Later on, after their level are high enough, you will then go on the quest that you have beaten before to beat bosses and get equipment in form of orbs
Moreover, getting involved in boss battle will give you valuable equipment to be equipped for your heroes

For further, once exploring in some areas and defeat some enemies, you will also get some rewards as your achievement that may be in form of tickets and orbs as well
Thus, just do complete more quests to get more and more equipment rewards


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