How to Get The Highest Points Score in Tampon Run iPhone

If it is looked from the title, Tampon Run game seems to take away the stigma behind menstruation experienced by women

tampon run walkthrough ios android

But, in this game you will simply run across the screen while defeating as many enemies as possible by throwing tampons at them then getting score as high as possible from all you have done in each stage

Here, you will be provided with a limited number of tampons that you can throw st enemies
In line with this, you must be sure to throw them wisely.
Remember to throw them only when you see your target come on screen.
In the mean time, you can also jump and collect the boxes of tampons coming up at over the head of your character.

On the other side, if you run into either the rocket boy or the running boy, you will lose two of your tampons.
And, running into one of the boys while you do not have any tampons left will lose and you must start the stage again.
So, you must keep as many tampons on you as possible at all times.

On the other side, each time you throw tampons at the flying boys, you will get two points for each one of them that you hit with a tampon.
And, each one of the runners that you hit with a tampon will only provide you one point.
In line with this, if you want to get more points, you must try to hit all of the flyers.
In order to be super point efficient, try to avoid the runners and only hit the fliers for more points.

Early on this game, you will only face running boys.
You can save tampons by avoiding them then when the flying boys start to appear, you will have to shoot tampons toward the runners and the fliers for points.
Doing this will give you more points in that you will earn them relative to the number of tampons that you have in each stage.


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