How to Get The Higher Score and Orbs in Zig Zag Boom iPhone

Nexx Studio has delivered fast arcade game called Zig Zag Boom for ios and android platforms
On the other words, this game is a kind of a new endless ball rolling game where you will merely follow the zigzag path, tap to switch the direction and try not to hit the wall.

zig zag boom walkthrough ios android

Every tap you have performed will provide you one point, rather than each corner.
At this point, you must try to do a quick double-tap at any point when you have space to the appropriate side of you
Then, if you can do it at the right time, you will keep going the same direction.

You can play this game comfortably by turning your phone diagonally.
You can turn it 45 degrees and instead of the route being diagonal, the route will zig zag between going up and going right
Or, it will be between going up and going to the left, based on which direction you turn your phone.
Applying this method will easily judge the barriers and you can get around them with ease.

Anyway, although this game is free to play, this game will show ads during the game
To get rid of this, you can switch your phone into airplane mode and open the game again.
Or, if you want to give income for the developer, you can purchase the ability to remove all ads

Later on, if you can get a multiple of fifty points on your high score, you will be able to unlock a brand new color orb.
Here, getting fifty points will allow you to unlock the yellow orb.
And, getting a hundred points will unlock the green orb.
Next, more orbs will be added to the game in every update
So, just keep getting score as high as possible to earn more orbs.



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