How to Get Stars Resources and High Score in Super Tribes iPhone

Super Tribes is made by Midjiwan AB which offers a turn based strategic adventure game with a mobile version of Civilization with extremely intuitive controls and designed specially for the ios device recently.

super tribes walkthrough ios android

This game is all about to rule the world, fight against AI tribes, discover new lands and master and experiment with new technologies.

Early on the game, you will merely select among different tribes then explore the steamy Kickoo jungles
In related to this, every tribe will come along with one free early technology

You can try to pick the Oumaji as the first choice since they start with the Riding tech, which allows you to train Raiders and start with one Rider.
Also, they are better than the regular warriors and they have two movement points, that really help you a lot early on in the game with exploration and even fighting against AI tribes.

Playing with the Oumaji, you must focus on the second tech for your civilization, the Rider
Then, you must unlock the technology to improve your city by fishing and hunting animals nearby
At that moment, you will really need a sort of resource-generating tech to level up your cities and you must also get more stars to build more.

When your cities reach the required population, they will grow and give you the choice of one important reward.
Make sure to select the extra star for the first level since it helps you in the long run.
Also, do some upgrades starting with Resources if the city is not close to enemy lines and City Wall
You can also get the option for the Super Unit

For further, you can play with the Swordsman to take out all enemy units then go for the research and start training them quickly
You can unlock the Swordsman by researching Climbing and Mining first

Once your units and cities are ready for battle, you can try to conquer the tribes, capture a city, or destroy an entire civilization

However, you must manage to unlock the Swordsmen first before doing so
And, make sure to go full on attack and concentrate on raising your cities and training more troops to get them strengthened up.

By taking over all civilizations, you can get more resources to train more troops and grab all the bonuses from an epic victory

To capture enemy cities, make sure to have a troop there, and turn the option “capture” appears when selecting the troop.
Always do this which will make you capture the city to be yours, so that you can get more resources from the captured city and help you win.

On the other side, you must also construct defensive building to defend your city from attackers
At this point, just build everything around your cities

In the mean time, you have to build troops in your cities especially for the most expensive ones, since they will give you the most points.

Moreover, you can have the troops full in all cities to get a maximum score gain.
Meanwhile, you can build the roads to connect to your capital, build temples, explore the whole map and do everything to get the most possible points for your cities

In accordance with this, if you play your cards right, after the first 15-20 turns, you will the other civilizations taken care
Because of this, you can use the stars to grow your cities while getting more stars to gain a higher score.

As said earlier, just build everything around your city as much as you can, while harvesting everything to research all the technologies for your cities.
If you can do that well, you can win the game and have a super high score.


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