How to Get Spirit Orbs for Summon Ticket in Bleach Brave Souls iPhone

KLab Global Private Limited has launched their newest game called BLEACH Brave Souls on the apple store and android markets recently

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This game can be categorized into an all-new action RPG which is taken from on the mega-hit anime and manga Bleach.

Along the game, you will be brought to go for the story of the anime and follow Ichigo in his journey to be a true Shinigami.

Here, you will also be able to build a team consisting of your favorite heroes from the Bleach universe and battle with other players online

Once you are in the game, you will be assigned to get all three stars in the levels
Generally, you will be tasked to earn three stars on each level

You can get the first star by clearing the level, then you must beat the level within a certain amount of time to get more stars

Sometimes, you may have to complete all the objectives to get every star on a level
Moreover, by clearing each level, you may be rewarded with Spirit Orb which you can use to summon more allies.
In other words, this spirit orbs can be said as the premium currency of this game

During the battle, you will battle with enemies which will get you to dodge roll since they will flash red when they come to unleash an attack.
When seeing this, be sure to prepare your next move to beat them at once

In the mean time, you can pull off a couple of attacks, then seeing them to be flash red, just dodge roll out of the way that you can do by swiping the screen.

For further, you will have to complete the Orders, or the objectives for collecting the extra star requirements.
These orders will be divided into four groups namely daily, weekly, free, and event.

And, they correspond with how long you have to accomplish them before they refresh.
Once completing such orders, you will be rewarded with coins, soul tickets, and other valuable goodies.

Every hero in this game is assigned an elemental affinity
Red elements beat green elements
Green elements beat blue elements
Blue elements beat red.
Also, you will get the purple and orange elements, which will beat out each other.

If you are about to battle with enemies, be sure to visit the stage select screen so that you can see a preview of what kind of enemies you will meet in the battlefield
Be sure to bring a hero with the elemental advantage

On the other side, every hero will use the soul tree, a spherical grid that will give your heroes permanent increases to their stats.
You can then unlock nodes on the soul tree with power crystals which can be found in the levels
To do this, make sure to destroy all the objects in the battlefield and beat every enemy there.

As said earlier, the spirit orbs is the premium currency of this game which you can get by accomplishing the level
These spirit orbs can be used to get new characters and summon tickets.
To get them, you can take part in some events, and you can also get them by getting all the stars on a level.

In addition, when you have completed one or more stages, you will get extra characters
At this point, you will get a kind of augmentation which allows you to sacrifice a hero to power up another hero.
With this augmentation, you will be able to to level up your favorite heroes fast.
Besides, augmentation will also give you a big experience boost


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