How to Get Special Offer for Coins in Snowboarding The Fourth Phase iPhone

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase is the product of Red Bull which offers a new snowboarding game which you can experience on the iOS and Android devices

snowboarding the fourth phase walkthrough ios android

Here, you play as a newbie snowboarder where you have to break into the pro scene with more speed, more tricks, and more races that you can perform during in your action.
When snowboarding on the track, you can race at high speeds down tougher and faster slopes.

Before starting on a run, just check all of the missions to accomplish at the moment on the run.
Make sure to complete them to finish the round and get some good rewards.

When performing your action, try to take tricks to the highest level and grab then for as long as possible, then right yourself at the right time and land perfectly to get more points.

At that moment, try to combine various types of grabs and others together.
If you can do bigger jump, you can combine for more points.

On the other side, you can try to go through the slaloms while collecting the little markers when applicable which will give you more points.

Meanwhile, you can try to wear different types out of outfits and different equipment coming along with various effects, such as changing your score multiplier.

Later on, you can build an outfit collection so that you can get a bonus for an entire outfit which is put together.
Doing this will make an outfit valuable more than just the sum of its bonuses.

To get more bonuses in the game, just always make sure to complete all of your available missions
You can get them by replaying the older missions, and play them time and time again.
Besides, if you can do so well, you can reach the highest scores and get a bunch of coins for free


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