How to Get Some More Tokens to Solve Words on Tour iPhone

Zynga has been developed and launched a really amazing puzzler, Words on Tour on mobile platforms.
In line with this game, this puzzler will assign you to complete stage after stage of word finding puzzles and get three star ratings while traveling the world.

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A really difficult task that is, so we’ve decided to come to your aid and share with you our own Words on Tour cheats and tips to help you !

At first playing this game will be easy then you will go through some hard levels after passing the first 15 levels in the game
So, just try win all levels and also bag the three star rewards with these following cheats and guides

Always try to make long words consisting of two or three letter words
To get through more levels in this game, you have to create the phrase level and you only need one letter.
Generally, going for the longest possible words will give you more points and it can also increase your chances of completing the levels.

Everytime you fill the bonus meter, you will get a special character that will be useful to complete each level
At this point, you must use it in a word in that either it clears the longest possible line or it gives you access to a difficult letter you need to complete a phrase.

On the other side, when you have bricks blocking the way, you have to do your best to make words around them in order to remove them as fast as possible
Here, they will take valuable space, that could be filled with letters in that they would make your life a lot easier.
Just concentrate on getting rid of those first

Later on, in order to complete a level, be sure to check out all your options and all the possible combinations, in which you can go either way with your letters
And, make sure that every word that you spell is the best word you can find in your game.

To get the right answer of words or phrase, you can try to use word solvers tools scattered on the internet where you can enter a bunch of letters and they will suggest words for you.

From there, you can go for the longest words and, but it is also an easy way to score a super huge word for a bunch of points.

Anyway, just take your time, and check out all options in order to complete all levels in the game that will gain you three star ratings.

In addition, if you can solve each level with the longest words or phrase you will be rewarded with some tokens that will be useful to be used to accomplish the next levels



  1. In Words on Tour game it says you can buy tokens but how do you do that? Also, are the hints saying you can make 2 or 3 word phrases when you’re trying to clear 52 tiles/stamps? I love the game but it’s getting very frustrating!

    Thank you! 😊

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