How to Get Rare Squad in Nova Smash Slingshot Action Android

PlayNext will get you to pull back, aim, and fling your units to smash enemies that you can do from anywhere on the screen in this Nova Smash Singshot Action game where arcade puzzle meets addictive pinball game-play

nova smash walkthrough ios android

Early on, you can try to play single player or co-op multiplayer game modes where you can guide a party of four units through action-packed stages across countless planets.

Later on, you can collect hundreds of squad members along the way, level them into powerhouses, then evolve them into the most powerful units

At the beginning of the game, you must learn Elemental Chart first
Fire units will be strong against Earth.
Earth units will be strong against Water.
Water units will be strong against Fire.
Shadow units will be strong against Light.
Light units will be strong against Shadow.

Later on, you can trigger their Bump Combo by aiming at your other units then experiment with different Bump Combos to do more damage

In this game, some Units are Lancers and they will go straight through Enemies but they tend to be slower than Bouncers

When dealing with boss in this game, you have to get a Direct Hit on Boss Weak Spot for more damage
In line with this, you can use Lancers to hit a Boss’ weak spot more easily.

During the combat, the enemies bosses may drop Loot Crates in that you have to tap or swipe quickly to collect everything

Moreover, units can be Enhanced by absorbing other units in that you can enhance them to their Max Level for a great stat boost

On the other side, you can use Morph Materials in Daily Events to transform Max-level Units into powerful forms

You can also find powerful new Units for your Squad in the Pod Warp then use Prisms to isolate the most powerful Units‘ coordinates.

You can also have powerful new unit by updating your Squad in which you can use different Squads based on the Mission’s Elements.

Afterwards, you can try your new Squad In a Mission where you can enhance your units regularly after completing Missions.

Having more Pick-Ups will make your Units more powerful or heal your Squad
In accordance with this, Some Pick-Ups will get better if you can wait a turn or two to get them.


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