How to Get Rare Gears Essence in Easy Craft Android

EasyCraft from o4games will offer you to get involved in the battle of epic dungeons, bosses and treasures where you and your team will continually to slay the enemy along the stage

easy craft walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be able to select to challenge boss, defeat boss to enter next dungeon, in which all battle here are automatically
Thus, you will not need to do anything, even after you quit the game, you can get all your gears and exp when you come back to play this game.

At first, you will be prompted to select 3 classes, namely Warrior, Hunter and Mage
Warrior can equip Sword and Shield and the primary attribute is Strength
Hunter can equip Bow and Quiver, and the primary attribute is Agility
Mage can equip Staff and Book, and the primary attribute is Intellect

Some mighty warriors can use his shield not only protect himself but also keep his teams save.
On the other side, it can also be said as Strength, Defense, Tank.

Usually, Hunters can easily survive from any dangerous situations, as they can use their accurate shooting skills to deliver tons of damage to enemy.
Their skills are Agility, Attack, Critical Hit.

Meanwhile, Mages is a wise mind heroes and self-discipline
They can use powerful Magic skill to finish their enemy, in which MP will be more important when going to battle with foes.
Their skills are intellect, Skill MP.

Playing this game is based on gear system where you will be able to have 10 slot to equip different gears.
In line with this, you can collect 6 quality of gear, Common is indicated in White, Uncommon is indicated in Green, Rare is indicated in Blue, Epic is indicated in Purple, Legendary is indicated in Orange and Artifact is indicated in Glitter

Besides, those gears will include 4 stats namely Strength, Agility, Intellect, Stamina
And, if you have higher quality gear, they will have more stats.

You can also smelt you gear to higher quality or into smelting dust through furnace.
Here you should use smelting dust to forge new gear or divine gears
In line with this, Sold or smelt enhanced gear will get 100% essence back Battle round is a 10 vs 10 team fight
Gear stats will not be changed when it encounters a refresh

Except gears, Artifact will have a divine attribute that allow you transfer one divine attribute to another gear
Artifact Shards can be sold in shop, and you can get 10 shards to synthesize to an artifact.
It can also absorb and increase divine attribute.

When going to the battle with enemies, warriors contribute strength, defense and leadership, that you can place at the front of battle.
The battle itself will be automatically including using skill, receiving gear

Furthermore, Team Increase basic stat will go through gear enhance that will also need gold and essence in that you can get them from challenge boss or event

You can also create your own team with gems that you have collected through the game
When creating your own team, the system will randomly assign 9 team members for you.
Here, you as team leader can replace members with gems and you will have an extra gem pack.

In the competition, you will earn some gold and gems if you can win it in daily events
Red Gem usually appears on Monday and Thursday
Green Gem usually pops up on Tuesday and Friday
Blue Gem comes out on Wednesday
Yellow Gem will appear on Saturday and Sunday

In addition, you can use refine to refresh the Secondary Stats and refine will not change other attributes
In order to get higher stats, you can try using advanced refine


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