How to Get Rare Boosters for High Score in KlickPop Puzzle Panic iPhone

KlickPop Puzzle Panic is an interesting new entry of a unique colorful fast paced action puzzler genre.
Here, you will have 60 seconds to destroy as many colorful tiles as you can for high score.

klickpop puzzle panic walktrhough ios android

So, you must try to rack up the points, a ton of different power-ups, multiplier and boosters that will help you get an even better score and expand your game time.
Then, just try to win and gather up rare boosters and master all the 24 different incredible challenges.

In order to gain more points, you must clear out more tiles, in that the fever gauge will fill up in bigger chunks.
Here, you will not have full control of what color tiles you want to tackle next.
And, each time you select another tile type from your hand, the one that you have selected will switch to a different type.
This will also take place if you take too long to clear a tile out.

Always create big chains by deciding one type of tile then leave it alone until you can mass a lot of the tiles together.
As an illustration, if you have a lot of the pink heart tiles in your hand, do not hesitate to activate it until you clear all of the other tiles around the pink hearts.
It is caused by if you can keep this up you will get one big mass of pink hearts.
Then when new tiles come down you will not always get what you need, and other tiles will flow into your work area that will make it harder to put the tiles you want together.

To make your job easier, you can use a multiplier booster that will help you get those few extra points to push you over to the goal.
At this point, any kind of booster will help you out by scoring you a few points, like the fire magic booster.
You can use the time boosters to try the coin collector challenges.
When activating time boosters, it will add a couple seconds onto your time limit that will make or break a challenge run

Sometimes, you will need more tiles in that you can try to clear out many tiles on the board
Because of this, a wave of new tiles will spawn in, and if you can do this you will get a booster tile, which will be handy in the long run.

In addition, this game will sometimes give you free gift ranging from coins to normal and rare boosters So, just login the game and play it as long as you can to have a chance to get those rare boosters


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