How to Get Radioactive Barrel in caRRage iPhone

Nova Games has launched caRRage as a high-octane combat racer game which you can play on the ios and android phones in which you will get involved in the most insane and powerful drivers rule the land

carrage walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be the driver of destructive cars equipped with the best weapons, then race to the death in this extreme arcade racing game.

To power up your car, you will have to collect weapons, so that you will get a Charged! bonus which is worth 15 experience points
For such reasons, just pick up as many weapons as you can to beat other cars in the race

In line with this, your weapons will automatically recharge to their default amounts after you have completed a lap, in which you can use them as you want.

Besides, you can also use your boost when getting a nasty crash or spin out, so that you get back into the race.
Moreover, you can also use that boost to lead yourself ahead of the group faster.

Early on the race, all cars are still packed together and you can try to get ahead of the group as fast as possible
Therefore, after you are in a safe distance ahead, you will not be rocketed by the other racers.

Always consider to upgrade your cars fully before buying the next unlockable car.
In the beginning of the level, you will start with the Duster, a car that is good for the first couple sets of races.
Later on, you must upgrade it to improve its performance
Do not forget to improve its Gears to make it more sturdy in the race.

To play this game comfortably, you can use the control schemes such as the left and right arrow scheme.
At this point, you can also try experimenting with the other one such as an actual steering wheel in which all F2P mechanics work well

During in the race, try destroying your opponents and set them back a couple of seconds
Doing so will gain you a lot of experience
When going through in the race, always be sure to get your car equipped with the powerful gears, so you can ram straight into your opponents as much as you can


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