How to Get Power ups and Diamonds in Ridiculous Triathlon Android

CremaGamers has introduced Ridiculous Triathlon game where you will have to run as long as possible for having long distance and point score

ridiculous triathlon walkthrough ios android

To help you when running you can try using some power ups that may be useful
Using Magnet Power-Ups will be the best and efficient among other power-ups as you will get all coins in any lanes specially when playing cycling or swimming.

Remember not to purchase consumables unless you really need them for completing mission.
It is caused by consumables are expensive so it will be better to use your coins for doing some upgrades.

Visuals will be nice but they are worthless in game.
Meanwhile, you can also get free closets when playing with toy machine so purchasing closet items is a waste of coins.

Having Superpower will be the best powers in the game but you need to pay in real cash.
using them will be really useful to help you run along the game

In order to get more coins in this game, all you will do is to try accomplishing any missions
In the mean time, you will also increase your score multiplier when you can finish more missions

Moreover, you can also win coins diamonds and even skins for the characters at the bonus stage.
Using Multipliers, your score will be multiplied at every transition between sports.
Be sure to upgrade your power-ups to last longer along the game.
In addition, try also to unlock new themes as you play.


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