How to Get Nos in City Racing 3D iPhone

City Racing 3D will bring you to experience in driving fast exploring city road with super car from popular manufactures in the world

city racing 3d walktrough iphone android

Except racing in road tracks, you will also be able to participate in global rally tour from Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Kairo to Hawaii.

Along the game, you will be served with various game modes such as career mode, tournament mode, 1 Vs 1 and Time Trial.

To race in this game, you can choose control options either Tilt or Touch.
And, you can switch these control options in Setting menu
Also, you can switch camera mode in setting, or tap the button in the right-top of the game UI.

If you choose tilt control, your car will throttle automatically, whereby you will simply tilt to control your car to left or right.

But, if you prefer touch control to tilting one, your car can also throttle automatically, where you merely touch the button to control your car to left or right.

Always learn how to control your car, in which you have to master brake, reverse and drift your car
In order to to brake or reverse your car, just tap the Brake button.

And, if you want to performs some drifts action while being on the curve road, you can do it by braking and steering at a time.

Furthermore, if your car is stuck, you can simply tap the reset button in the right-top of the game UI to reset your move from the beginning.

During in the race with other cars, you can use nos and tap the Nos button to accelerate your car as this will also increase its speed.
Here, just tap once to open it, and tap the second time to use second level Nos to get more acceleration and speed for your car.
If you want to close nos, just tap the brake button.

In the way of getting this nos, you can get nos item during in the race or you can perform some of good drifts, then get tilt your car to get it.

Once having tough races on the tracks, your car will really need to be repaired when condition come to zero, whereby if your car is in this situation, your car cannot join an event.
Thus, all you will have to do is to repair your car so that you can get back to event again.


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