How to Get New Wrestlers Cards and Gold in WWE Immortals iPhone

Few days ago, WWE Immortals developed by Warner Bros was still in the progress of coming to the first launch but now this game has been available on the apple store to download and play on your phone

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The main point to play this game is to win all fights and unlock all wrestlers as fast as possible.
Early on this game, you should have mastered the single player game where you will have to jump into the online matches as soon as you unlock them

Once, mastering the mechanics of the game in the single matches, you can go for quite a while in the single matches without getting stuck
Thus, just practice for more while learning how all characters work with special actions of combos.

One thing important is to know what each of your Adrenaline Rush moves as some wrestlers will come with an “adrenaline drain” after performing their special attack
Later on, it will be insanely useful since it basically consumes a bunch of your opponent’s Adrenaline meter.
Delivering special attacks can cause a ton of damage toward your opponent in the battlefield

During in your fight against opponent, you must learn how to block the attack from your opponent
In line with this, always watch out on the Adrenaline bar of your opponents and you have to block the special attacks form them.

In the way of getting your victory in each stage, you have to learn how to attack well, whereby you have to perform the quick attacks then wait for the opportunity for special attacks, where you have to swipe in a specific direction and perform them flawlessly.

However, if you perform powerful attacks, you are not only slower, but you will always fail to perform the special attacks when they come up on the screen.
For such reasons, you can go for the quick attacks and wait for the strong ones to be unleashed toward the opponent at a time.

And, when the bar is almost full, you can enter a complete defense mode until the opponent wastes their special attack.
In the mean time, you should look out to block incoming tags as a new wrestler will come into play, and they will use a special attack as well.

When battling with your team, always have in mind who the allies and the rivals of the wrestlers in your team are and experiment for the best results in which allies will increase health and defense, while rivals will decrease defense but they will also increase the adrenaline fill meter.

After having tough battle with some opponents in this game, make sure to upgrade your wrestlers
Generally, you will have six good wrestler cards and upgrade them in many times to get the most out of them.
At this point, you can upgrade them with cards that you have bought from the store or you can directly spend coins to upgrade them.
It will also be better to upgrade the Adrenaline Move to each character once then unlock the second one as soon as possible and focus on the talents.
If you do more upgrades, you will have better wrestlers in battles.

On the other side, if you want to level up your wrestlers quickly, you can try replaying stages taht you have beaten before
Replaying stages will be extremely useful when you want to level up your newly recruited wrestlers or you want to keep on pumping XP into your existing ones
So just play the easier stages over and over again to have the strongest army of wrestlers in this game.

In the way of getting some special rewards in this game, you have to complete the the daily quests in online modes
Completing these daily quests will earn you super rewards and you can make a quick progress through the levels.
Also, they will give you an extra challenge to compete at your best

Plus, every time you win the match, your experience level will be increased as well as getting more gold coins
Then, if you can win the match in each stage you will be able to get new card of wrestlers for free



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