How to Get More Zens in Zenonia S Rifts in Time iPhone

Zenonia S: Rifts in Time is the sixth entry of Zenonia franchise developed by Gamevil, in which this game has brought an MMO genre in the franchise

zenonia rifts in time online walkthrough ios android

As usual, you will be allowed to choose one out of five different heroes then explore the area to complete the quests throughout the in-game world

When doing so, you can also involve your friends in the quests and battle with enemies together
Later on, you will also be assigned to upgrade your heroes to be the most powerful ones

Through battles, your heroes will get experience points that will make them level up fast
In order to get exp, you can replay in older stages that you have beaten previously and sweep it.

There, you will be able to sweep it with the tickets that you can use, so that you can complete it quickly.

On the other side, you can also battle with enemies automatically
Here, all you will do is to tap the auto button in a level so that the game will speed up and send your heroes to the battle and fight against enemies automatically.

In line with this, you can also use your weapons which are organized in rarity, such as are armor and other pieces of equipment.

Be sure to keep the rarest ones, and use the other goodies as fodder
Because of this, you can enhance your equipment.

During that process, your equipment will level up and the stats will be boosted as well.
After the equipment has reached max level, you have the right materials to do so
In the mean time, you can tier up a weapon to boost the base stats in long period.

Meanwhile, you will be able to make up to two heroes at a time
At this point, you will need to spend 100 Zen for each slot

In the tutorial, you can use them there and see whose attacks you like the best.
Along the game, be sure to communicate to everyone inside of the town as they will usually have tips for you, and some will want to sell you stuff.

Once gaining a level, you will learn skill points which will be useful to the stat boosts.
In accordance with this, just go to the skill screen to unlock new skills and upgrade your existing skills

Be sure to upgrade both active skills and passive skills, in that they will be useful when dealing with tough enemies

In related to the skills of your heroes, passive stats will be the main point to be upgraded first since they will increase your base stats

In addition, zens seems to be the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other ways
Generally, you will get this zens by completing each mission given by this game
Or, if you want to get zens fast, you may come to iaps to purchase some zens there with specific price


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