How to Get More Sushi for Top Points in Hop Hop Ninja iPhone

Nerd Agency has presented a new endless jumping game, Hop Hop Ninja! for the iOS and Android where you will help ninja to fly as high as possible for having point score

hop hop ninja walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide and control the ninja as she flies on air towards the sky and come out of the enemy samurai village.
During your action, do not confront the super jealous samurai and some tall rooftops.
To play this game, all you will have to do is pretty simple as you merely tap the left and right of the screen to hop that ninja in mid-air and go for the stars.

And, tapping on the left side of the screen will move your ninja to the left slightly
Then, tapping on the right side of the screen will move your ninja a little bit to the right.
Here, you can try to steer yourself to the area where you get more room to pass before trying to make a good pass.
Also, you can try to steer yourself sideways in order to collect sushi there.

Later on, after having some attempts to jump, you can succeed fairly quickly once you have known the collision detection, so that you can go at your own pace.
At the same time, do not try to jump faster than you can steer your ninja or you will smash right into a ledge or right into one of those red ninjas.

Every time you make a good jump by passing one of the green gates, you will able to get a point.
In the mean time, you must also collect all of the sushi that you see on the screen.
After getting all of that sushi, you will get an additional point.

Furthermore, every time you get a high score, your rank will be high.
Then, if you can get more than ten, your rank will start to change and will continue to do so for awhile every ten points that you can gain.

During the game, you may sometimes find advertisements scattered on the screen
For such reasons, if you want to remove those ads, you disconnect the data on your phone or switch it onto Airplane mode and shut off the wifi.


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