How to Get More Stars in Green Planet Clean Up Quest Android

NHN Entertainment Corp has launched its newest game which is bundled in Green Planet: Clean Up Quest where you have to beat the slimy, evil cubes and revive the world’s green plants and cute creatures in this amazing mobile game

green planet clean up quest walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will simply turn the tiles back to green then spreading the lively vegetation through the spotted planet.

Later on, you will merely link together colorful cubes and clear a path to your next location.
You should also turn the planet into a tranquil meadow while crafting new squares, using unique power-up items, and blasting away the explosion of contamination

Moreover, you must gather up the forces of nature to clear all of the obstacles standing in your way.
Along the way, you must beat and eliminate the wasteland monsters such as pumpkins, blots of corrupting blobs, and locked blocks from spreading their black and blue blotches on this green planet.

Here, you will try to save the earth with any mean necessary, then place new blocks to convert the spreading smudges of scum into a new vibrant Earth.
Just find the easy path to connect a 2×2 square on the grass grid that will allow you to transform the land and defeat any grimy monsters in the area

In line with this, you must clean at least 80% of The land to reach The next level then collect 4 cubes in a square shape
After gathering them up, you can place them on any empty spot by tapping to place a cube here.
You can try placing a cube by touching an empty piece of land.

In order to make those cubes disappear, you have to connect them in a square shape.
As the cubes disappear, those cubes will purify the contaminated land

Monsters are destroying the land so you will have to fight back by connecting those cubes around them.
In this game, you will be assigned to earn more stars, which you can do by purifying as much land as possible.
Every time, you can complete each stage in this game, you will earn stars as your rewards

On the other side, this game will need you to use your live when trying to purify your land
And, if you run out them, you have to wait them for coming back within certain minutes or an hour

Alternatively, you can get full lives in this game by doing time lapse tricks
Firstly, close the game by restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager.
Secondly, go to the time and date setting on your phone then change the time in advance for 1 day above.
Thirdly, open Green Planet: Clean Up Quest again and you will get your full Lives there.

Once getting your full live back, make sure to change back the time and date to normal again
At this time, open the game but do not play a single game.
Then, close the game by restarting your phone
Next, go to the time and date settings and change your the time and date to the current time and date based on your region.


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