How to Get More Stars and New Gadgets in Darklings Season 2 iPhone

Darklings Season 2 developed by MildMania is telling you about the endless survival adventure with unique gameplay where you will be brought to discover the beautiful world of Darklings

darklings season 2 walkthrough ios android

In this new version, you will enjoy the new environments, new enemies, items, costumes, bonuses and special abilities, and there are plenty of new features as well, in which you will start the game fairly simple but it gets extremely difficult and frustrating very quickly.

This game require energy to play a round in which you will recover one of your energy points within every fifteen minutes.

Later on, if you want to restore all of your energy instantly, you can do the time lapse trick
Here, all you will do is simply to go to the date and time settings then set the time ahead by 15 minutes times however much energy you want to restore.
Afterward, you can go back to the game.

Once getting your energy refilled fully, you should go back to the time and date again then set the time back to normal.

On the other side, if you lose at any stage other than stage one, like in the forest, that stage will become locked, whereby you must unlock with gem.

In line with this gem, you can get them by going back to older stages that you have already beaten then replay it for collecting more gems.

Furthermore, every time you need more gems or crystals in this game, you can simply go to the old stages multiple times in a row to stock up on gems, then to go back to the newer stage to complete missions.

In the way of completing mission in each stage, speed-swiping is vital as you will be able to make combos quickly.

In accordance with this, swipe each shape on as small of a surface area as possible.
At this point, you will not need to make a big sweeping shape in order to take out an enemy.
Performing a small swipe in accurate one will pretty be enough.

Meanwhile, stars are the main currency in this game
Having more stars in this game will allow you to purchase more power-ups.

Anyway, playing in the older levels will be useful to rack up more stars
Usually, the older stages will come along with the three missions at a time that you can beat.
At this phase, just go to the old stages and swipe to drive the stars towards you so that you can gather them up.
Be sure not to waste your stars on revives, but it will be highly recommended to save them instead for having power ups and upgrades.

In addition, just go to the shop and purchase permanent upgrades for the best bang for the buck or star there.
Getting more upgrades will come to the amount of stars or even gems that you can collect
With those power ups, you can increase your energy or they can reduce the damage that you take when battling with enemies in this game.


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