How to Get More Star Points in Tiny Guardians iPhone

When playing Tiny Guardians for the first time, you will be chosen as a sorcerer, accompanied by a small army surrounding you, that will help you fight against monsters and brigands standing in your path.

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Early on this game, you will choose some protectors, such as knights and archers, and you will meet the others like magicians, rogues, rangers, berserkers, and more.
Each of them will come along with their own strengths and weaknesses, and creating a well balanced team.

Paladins can call upon divine powers to heal and sustain themselves in battle.
Sentinels provide a huge attacking range that never miss their targets.
Wizards are good at dealing with huge crowds with fire.
Dancers are great supports along with their strengthens and motivates allies.
Knight is an alternative appearance that can wield a spear and shine in battle.
The Archer is an alternative appearance as a Noxie, but of sheep descent.
The Magician is an alternative appearance that can read spell books that will be good to be used on the battlefield.

Here, you and your troops are equipped with a series of spells where you can set traps, fire out bolts of glowing energy, and heal your fighters.
But always remember that there is cooldown timers on all of them, after using them.

Also, there is an upgrade tree based on the star-rating that you get when you complete each level
At this point, you will spend points that you earn from slaughter on beefing up fighters and recruiting new ones
And, you can also call in waves of enemies early to collect more points.

In doing your mission, you will have to protect Lunalie the summoner in her travels by summoning units then try to beat some enemies to gain mana.
You can summon units by selecting a slot and the unit from your cards to summon it.

In the battlefield, your unit`s positions can be swapped when traveling in that you can also swap to an empty slot or with other units.
Be sure to prepare a good formation before going to attack enemies
Always stay alert as Some bandits hide in bushes, in that you can choose them out by tapping on shaking bushes

You can use Archer to attack enemies form long range as they are fast attackers, quick and nimble
And, they can attack enemies even when they are traveling.
When using them, you can also move them by dragging them away to safety for them to be more effective in battle.

With Wave Timer, you can double tap to trigger waves earlier that will give you star points.
And, Regen, you can make an area that heals your party and be sure to have the units you want in range
In the mean time, you must also upgrade Units and a dismissed unit returns 50% of the mana used to summon it.
Besides, your units regenerate will also revive.


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